Settlers of Catan Ladder Rules and Regulations
(updated September 29, 2005)
(updated December 24, 2006 with technical changes)

The Ranking System has one of the simplest ranking systems ever used for competitive play. We call it a "Ladder" because each player has a unique rank or "rung" that represents their standing among other players. The highest ranked player holds the #1 position. Someone ranked #2 is ranked below the #1 player. So, the goal is to "climb" the Ladder all the way to the top. The Administration

Ladder Accounts

Choosing a Ladder Name
Email Address
Valid Java site account
Multiple Users/Accounts
The Penalty Box
The penalty box is where players get placed by the Ladder Administration Team when rules transgressions occur. You may be placed in the penalty box for unsportsmanlike behavior, repeated failures to report, failure to have a valid email address, failure to have a valid java site account, interfering with game play, playing against the substitution bots on the ladder server, and more. Admins may also choose other methods of penalizing your account. Game Play

Setting a Table
Sitting at a Table
Special Commands
Playing a Ladder Match
Handling Conflict

Failure to Finish Match
Failure to Report Match
Abuse, Cheating, Unsportsmanlike Behavior
Special Rules

Highly Ranked Players (Top 25)
Formal Challenges
Fill in the Blank

We can't cover every aspect of gaming in our rules. We have tried to be as thorough as possible and cover all the basics. However, just because something is not listed doesn't mean that it is allowed. Use common sense. If it is something that will adversely affect other players and you might think twice about doing, it's probably against the rules or at least not a good idea. If an Admin tells you to stop doing something, please stop behaving like that or doing whatever behavior the admin has requested you to stop. Our Admins have the final say in such matters. If you have a specific question please feel free to contact us via E-mail. -->